Wynnbrook Christian School Archery Team: Aiming for Greatness on the National Stage

Columbus, GA (WRBL) – When it comes to producing top-tier athletes, the Chattahoochee Valley has an impressive track record. That legacy is alive and well with the Wynnbrook Christian School archery team, which is poised to become not just the best in Georgia but also one of the finest in the country. With members ranging from 4th grade students to high school upperclassmen, this team is a shining example of the power of inclusivity in sports.

wynnbrook christian archery school

Sarah-Kate Eshman, a junior national champion, spoke about the broad appeal of archery: “I’ve seen some archers shoot in wheelchairs before. I think it’s awesome how inclusive archery is.” Even the youngest and smallest team members, like 4th grader Aiden Jackson, feel welcomed and supported by their peers. “A lot of people are kind, and they’re funny,” Jackson said.

Archery provides an opportunity for kids who might not fit the typical athlete mold to excel in a competitive environment. According to Archer Co-Head Coach Chuck Raymer, “We get kids from all different athletic abilities, but the ones you would not think would be super athletic – those will be the ones who are the best at archery.” The sport also fosters personal growth, helping participants reach new heights they might have once thought impossible.

The Wynnbrook archers have discovered that the discipline and attention to detail required in their sport translate to success in other areas of their lives. Sarah-Kate Eshman shared, “I’ve learned how to focus better, and just take big projects or assignments one step at a time. Rather than tackle it all at once.”

This talented team is gearing up for one of the biggest stages in their sport, the National Competition in Louisville, Kentucky, which takes place from May 11th to May 13th. With their eyes on the prize, Wynnbrook hopes not only to participate but also to finish among the top 10 teams. Raymer noted, “We’ve done that before, and we hope to do that again.”

Wynnbrook Christian School archers

Keep an eye on these Wynnbrook Christian School archers, folks. Their dedication, skill, and team spirit make them a force to be reckoned with on the national stage. They’re undoubtedly aiming for greatness, and we can’t wait to see where their arrows land.

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