Short Axle to Axle Bows-The Definite Guide

If you’re a newcomer to the sport of target archery, a short axle to axle bow is an excellent choice. These bows can be more maneuverable, but they can’t compensate for the extra maneuverability they can provide.

In addition to their long limbs, a short axle-to-axle model typically has a lower brace height. Because they’re faster, you may want to consider a moderate-length compound bow. These are still accurate and reliable if used correctly. These bows feature longer axles, allowing them to withstand more torque on side-to-side shots. Also, they tend to be more forgiving at longer distances, and competitions can come down to centimeters or millimeters.

The length between the axle and the string is significant in the case of compound bows. A longer bow is easier to hold steady for aiming, but the longer length does not necessarily mean that it will be more accurate. A shorter axle to axle is likely the better option if you’re short on cash. So, if you need a bow with a short axle to axle, consider a 30″ -length model.

short axle to axle bow
short axle to axle bow

What is the axle-to-axle length of a bow? 

The axle-to-axle length is crucial for a bow. It is the distance between wheels moving through each axle of a compound bow. Understanding how much each axle length matters for a compound bow is vital. The approximate distance between each axle of the compound bow is measured using rings. The rings are used to measure the space at 30, 40, and 50yds.

how to measure bow axle to axle length

If you think about calculating axle-to-axle length, you have to read this guide carefully. Axle to axle length means where the limbs join the cams. Sometimes it is called ATA in abbreviated form. Axle to axle length is measured in inches unit. For example, a 37″ ATA bow measures mean its axle to axle length is about 37″.

axle to axle length
axle to axle length (ATA)

What axle-to-axle length should I use?

Axle to axle length varies from archer to archer. If you like to use better speed performance, you have to select the shorter axle to axle, whereas if you are happy with long durability other than speed, I would suggest you buy the bow with a longer axle to axle. For this day, 30″ to 33″ is the standard size for the axle to axle length.

What’s the shortest axle to axle compound bow?

By twisting the strings, you can easily shorten the axle to the axle length of a compound bow. Researchers and manufacturers have straightforward it that the size of the axle to axle less than 30″ seems to be the shortest axle to axle to compound bow. The question is, who makes the shortest compound bow? Liberty Archery is the answer.

short axle to an axle hunting bow

A short axle-to-axle bow is a perfect combination for hunters. The researcher found that shorter axle to axle is distance is more vulnerable and more accurate in the shooting. So you may use the shorter version of the axle to axle length with no hesitation.

are longer axle to axle bows more accurate

A few years back, a considerable amount of shorter-length bows was available in the market. But nowadays, 40″ axle to axle length is more common. The shorter length axle-to-axle bow is perfect for simple archery sports where you have to shoot 10 to 15 yards distance, but on the other hand, if you are going to hunt a bow, you have to shoot long-distance 30 to 50 yards or more. So, it varies in a different situation whether we use the shorter or longer axle to axle length bow. On the other hand, If you feel comfortable with a shorter one than a longer one, I suggest you go with the short length axle to axle. So the bottom line is it’s totally up to you whether you use shorter or longer axle to axle.

best short axle to axle bow 

The best axle to axle length for hunting is 34 inches because hunters can use this short length to hunt smaller game such as hares. On the other hand, the longer length helps them in the long-distance shooting even for more difficult species like elk or bison.Here is list of some best short axle to axle please go through this- 

shooting short axle to axle length
shooting short axle to axle length
  • MATHEWS Z7 (axle to axle length-30″)
  • PSE X FORCE VENDETTA XS  (axle to axle length-29 1/2″)
  • MATHEWS DXT (axle to axle length- 29 3/4″)
  • BOWTECH ADMIRAL (axle to axle length-31 1/16″)
  • HOYT TURBOHAWK (axle to axle length-32″)

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