Can You Kill a Bear with a Compound Bow? Exploring the Feasibility and Risks Involved

Bear, a large doglike carnivore. About eight species of bears are found in north, and South America, Europe, and Asia. they have large bodies with stocky legs, rounded ears, long snouts, plantigrade hair, and a small tail. as the bear is large and physically stronger than other wild animals so the right selection of the compound bow is a must(source: Wikipedia). If you want to know the answer to the question, “Can you kill a bear with a compound bow?” then please read through this article. We will discuss here how to choose a compound bow and where to shoot, plan to target, and whether it’s easy or difficult to kill a black bear by using a proper bow.

how much draw weight do you need to kill a bear with a compound bow?

As we know that bear is very strong physically. To kill a bear with a compound bow actually depends on its size. We all have to keep in mind that the heavier the weight, the easier the target. A person can hold only 70 pounds just for 20-30 seconds. So, the draw weight to kill a Bear with a Compound bow should be 50-60 pounds. I can say the draw weight would be chosen By the bear size.

how to kill a bear with a compound bow: where to shoot a bear with a bow

As we know bear anatomy is totally different from deer. When you go Bear hunting you’ll see the bear, a busy one, moving here and there.

There Is a phrase “middle of the middle”. That actually means the shooting place of the target. If you Target to hit then just be patient and see the middle of the targeted bear. That means the middle part of the body.

The front shoulder and back to 4-5 inches. That is the real place for shots. And the bear will die easily. A double lung hit is very effective while targeting a bear. as we know bear is different from deer hunting. So if you shoot a bear like a deer it will never die. Moreover, it will be unforgiving if you hit it wrongly.

Remember one thing, never shoot too low, because shooting low you can easily kill a deer but not a Bear. So, all that you have to know is the anatomy of a bear and its habits. The most important thing is that if you hit it too low you can see the blood falling from the body of the bear but after some time it will turn into watery blood and soon disappear.

hunting with a compound bow

It can be said that before bear hunting one should know about bear anatomy. The habitual facts of bears, when and where to get them easily, and proper international training. The important information that you have to understand is Bear’s body is not as big as we think. Bear has long black thick fur of about 3-4 inches and so it seems big.

Finally, I can say bear hunting is not as hard as we think. You can kill a bear easily by aiming at the right point of the body, middle of the body, and going 4-5 inches back. Keep cool and target the place to shoot and take 10 seconds then the proper time will come and don’t miss hitting the target place. If you hit the proper part of the body of a bear, it won’t last long.

how hard is it to kill a bear with a compound bow?

To kill a Bear with a compound bow is easy if you know the anatomy of a bear. Actually, it depends on your skill and training. You must be patient while killing A bear with a compound bow. Here I’m describing how easy or difficult to kill a bear with a compound bow.

how hard is it to kill a polar bear

A polar bear is the largest bear. It has a white fur coat that helps protect it from ice cold and hot during summer. A polar bear walks about 4 miles and can run 40 miles per hour. It basically eats seals around the sea area. they are very ferocious and can go everywhere searching for food. their paws look like ice shoes that help them walk fast and easily and these paws are also strong enough to kill anyone. It can survive 6 months without eating, and female bears can survive 7-8 months without food.

so, you can imagine if you go hunting a polar bear with a compound bow how much preparation you need. As polar bears are found around ice sea Beach so it is sure that killing this huge furry creation with a bow is not easy. It can be dangerous if you miss the opportunity of killing. So I can say it is not possible to kill a polar Bear without guidance and international training.

how hard is it to kill a black bear

A black bear is undoubtedly a big creature. There are 2 species of black Bear in the world. One is found in North America and the other is found in Asia. Their average weight is 440-600 pounds and their height is 6 feet. The teeth of an adult bear can be 2.5 inches.

They can also climb up trees and can run 30 miles per hour. Their bite force is about 800 psi and two times stronger than a wild lion. So, I can frankly say killing a black bear is not as easy as you think, whether it is a big or a baby bear. You can shoot a bear in your target point but for its huge fur and restless behavior the bow will often miss its target. If you miss the target it won’t die rather it will be unforgiving. From my information, you can easily understand why Black bear killing is not so easy.

how easy is it to kill a bear?

As we know bears are the largest creation. They are also dangerous and can kill anyone within a few moments. but if you want to kill a bear with a compound bow you have to take training and must have the idea of bear anatomy. If you target the bear 4-5 inches back from the front shoulder it won’t last long. But proper distance and bow, and arrow size should be a matter while hunting a bear.

So, by researching all this, I can say you can easily kill a bear if you don’t feel nervous and shoot the “middle of the middle” and few inches back and take 10 seconds before shooting then be sure that bear is not moving, get ready this is the perfect time for shooting the bear into the right place of the body. If you do this, hunting bears with a compound bow will be easy for you.


From my discussion, we can easily get a clear idea of how to kill a bear with a compound bow. It is easy or difficult to kill A bear. And finally, I can say the killing of a Bear with a compound bow depends on the hunter’s skills and proper training.


can you kill a bear with a recurve bow?

Yes, I can kill a bear with a recurve bow. But it’s not as easy as a compound bow. It needs quick attempts and short distances.

can you kill a polar bear with a bow?

Killing a polar bear with a bow is easy when you hit the middle of the middle and 4-5 inches back. If you hit there it won’t last long.

can you kill a grizzly bear with a bow and arrow?

A grizzly bear may be dangerous if you want to kill it without knowing its behavior and anatomy. But hit on the right place and Take 10 seconds before shooting then hit. You can obviously kill it.

can you kill a bear with a 9mm?

Yes,I can say 9mm can be a better option. If you have to choose pistols or guns. Meanwhile, you must be skilled in shooting This. If you hit the target point with the protection you can kill a bear.

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