80 Pound Compound Bow: Is It Right for You? A Comprehensive Guide to Power and Accuracy

A compound bow is a type of bow that uses mechanical pulleys and cams to increase the speed, accuracy, and distance of an arrow. An 80-pound compound bow is a great option for those looking for power and precision in their shooting. With its adjustable draw weight, ergonomic design, and high-quality materials, it offers unique advantages in terms of accuracy, power, and control. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced archer, the 80-pound compound bow is a great choice for any shooter. In this guide, we will discuss some basic tips on how to get started with your new 80-pound compound bow.

80-pound compound bow
80-pound compound bow

Pros of the 80-pound compound bow:

1. Increased accuracy – The 80-pound compound bow is designed for precision and accuracy, allowing you to hit your target easily.

2. Increased range – With its adjustable draw weight and powerful limbs, the 80-pound compound bow has a greater range than most other bows on the market.

3. Ergonomic design – The ergonomic design of the 80-pound compound bow makes it comfortable to use and reduces fatigue.

4. Durable construction – The quality materials used in the 80-pound compound bow make it strong and durable, allowing you to use it for years with minimal maintenance required.

5. Versatility – The adjustable draw-weight and powerful limbs of the 80-pound compound bow make it perfect for target shooting, hunting, and even 3D archery.

Cons of 80-pound draw weight compound bow

1. High cost – The 80-pound compound bow is usually more expensive than other bows on the market, so it may be out of reach for some users.

2. Difficult to learn – As a powerful and precise bow, the 80-pound compound bow can take some time to master.

3. Heavy – This type of compound bow can be heavier than others and may cause fatigue if shooting for extended periods of time.

4. Complex set-up – Depending on the specific model, setting up the 80-pound compound bow can be somewhat complex and require special tools or skills.

5. Limited availability – Due to its higher cost and specialized use, it can be difficult to find an 80-pound compound bow in stores.

70 vs 80-pound bow

properties80 pounds bow70-pound bow
Draw weightHigher draw weight Lower draw weight
AccuracyMore accurate Less accurate
Power More power Less power
Physical strengthRequires more physical strengthRequires less physical strength 
Transportability Difficult to transportEasier to transport
Durability Less durableMore durable
Cost More expensive Less expensive
Arrow selection Limited types of arrowsVersatile 

80-Pound Recurve Bow vs 80-pound compound bow

80-Pound Recurve Bow80-pound compound bow
Draw WeightAn 80-pound recurve bow has a higher draw weightAn 80-pound compound bow has a lower draw weight
AccuracyMore accurateLess accurate
PowerMore powerLess power
Physical StrengthRequires greater physical strengthRequires less physical strength
TransportabilityDifficult to transporteasier to transport
DurabilityLess durableMore Durable
CostExpensive More affordable
Arrow SelectionLimited Versatile 
AccessoriesRequires additional accessories not need these extras

best-80-pound compound bow

When looking for the best 80-pound compound bow, it is important to consider your individual needs and preferences.

It used to be common to find compound bows with a draw weight of 80 pounds from manufacturers such as Hoyt, PSE, Mathews, and Obsession. However, if you want one of these bows, you will have to special order it directly from the manufacturer.


How far can an 80 lb bow shoot?

The distance that an 80 lb bow can shoot depends on several factors, such as draw weight, arrow length, and type of fletching used. Generally, an experienced archer can expect to achieve a maximum range of up to 100 yards with a good-quality set-up. The accuracy at distances beyond 50 yards can be affected by wind and other environmental factors, so it is important to practice shooting and become familiar with the bow before attempting longer distances.

Who makes 80 lb compound bows?

There are a variety of manufacturers that make 80 lb compound bows, including Hoyt, Mathews, Bear Archery and PSE (Precision Shooting Equipment). Each company offers different models with varying features and technologies to suit the needs of different archers. Be sure to research the companies before making a purchase to ensure you get a bow that fits your shooting style and budget.

Is 80-pound draw weight good?

Yes, an 80-pound draw weight is considered to be a good starting point for most archers. Depending on the type of shooting you plan to do and your experience level, you might need a higher or lower draw weight. It is important to consult with an experienced archer or pro shop technician before making any purchase decisions.

What is the most accurate compound bow?

The most accurate compound bow is one that best fits your needs, shooting style and budget. Different bows offer different features and technologies to enhance accuracy, so it is important to do some research before making a purchase. In general, bows with higher draw weights (70+ lbs) tend to be more accurate than their lower-draw counterparts.

For this article, we place a strong emphasis on our practical experience. However, we would like to extend our gratitude towards the Wikipedia, Bear Archery community, Outdoorlife community, Lancaster community.

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